Team Lake Morey, Vermont

Event: 2013 Best for Babes

Team Lake Morey Vermont Walks, Yogas, and Swims to support We’ve Got Your Back Babe

At 7:40 am on Saturday, August 24, 2013 Team Lake Morey Vermont set out on their mission – to walk, yoga, swim and kayak – all in one morning, for the We’ve Got Your Back Babe National Challenge.  The team was led by Team Captain Bobbi Philipp, MD a pediatrician and breastfeeding advocate, known for her work in taking on hospital Booby Traps. Joining in was Cynthia First, business-woman and owner of First Rugs, located in Acton, Massachusetts and Abby Pisegna, recent Boston University college graduate and yoga instructor.  Earlier in the week, when Bobbi suggested the idea of a mini-triathlon to support the WGYBB cause, the girls were all in.  If they could complete the activities, $400 would be raised, $200 from the Philipp-Pisegna family and $200 from First Rugs, Inc. 

The walk.  Our 6-mile walk around gorgeous Lake Morey in Fairlee, Vermont was completed in about two hours and exactly 11,465 steps. We decided to ask anyone we saw along the walk if they would take our picture and then we would share with them a breastfeeding fact. First up, about 10 minutes into the walk, a nice fellow in a golf cart. He took our picture and, when given the first breastfeeding fact of the day – which states had the most exclusive breastfeeders in the 2013 Breastfeeding Report Card at 6 months  (answer 1. California, 2. Idaho, 3. Alaska) – he asked, is that per capita? Hey, whatever. We continued on, picking a few berries along the way, taking a self-portrait, saving a caterpillar that was about to get smashed in the road, and asking more folks to take our picture. We learned that more Vermonters breastfed their kids than knew how to take a picture with an Iphone.

Yoga with the Yogi.  Back at the Philipp-Pisegna lake-side cabin, we had a quick bite to eat and then moved onto our 30-minute yoga session, led by Abby and held on the sun-soaked dock. Abby seemed to know just the right moves to stretch out the tender hamstrings and lower backs.

The swim. Abby then moved into the kayak to serve as the spotter for the trip across the lake, about ½ mile in distance. Bobbi and Cynthia dove in and got swimming, Cynthia breast stroking (an appropriate stroke for the day) and Bobbi doing the crawl. The water was warm and calm and the lake was quiet. A great heron swooped by, perhaps to lend support? We arrived across the lake in about 20 minutes at the dock of friends, Ruth and Mary. We shared with them our mission for the day as well as our breastfeeding fact that if more children breastfed we could reduce childhood obesity by 21%.  Then Bobbi jumped into the kayak and Abby joined Cynthia for the swim back.  

Team Lake Morey proudly raised and donates $400 to We’ve Got Your Back Babe – in gratitude of this great cause and to support all the moms and babes out there.

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