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  • Are you fed up watching friends, family members and total strangers be sabotaged, harassed, and misinformed when it comes to infant feeding?  
  • Were you or was someone you care about Booby Trapped?  
  • Want to end the suffering and struggle of millions of moms annually who are prevented from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals?  

 Here's your chance to be a pioneer in adding breastfeeding to the "fitness for a cause" highway to help make lasting culture change happen for moms and babies and improve our collective health! 

We are members, attenders, and supporters of the Lake Norman Chapter of Breastfeeding USA

Anyone is heartily welcome to join our team and raise funds for breastfeeding support. The deadline for joining our team is August 31. has been extended to October 31! 

Some of us will participate in the Historic Mooresville 5K on September 7, 2013. All are welcome to do this 5K (or the 1-mile Pajama Run, etc.), but it isn't required. You set your own fitness goal! 

Team members can set their own fundraising goal, too. To receive the official WGYBB prizes -- a shirt, water bottle, and bra coupon -- raise at least $200 by October 31. Every team member who raises at least $25 will receive a free Leading Lady bra! First come, first served, and sizes and styles are limited, so don't delay! 
If you do the Historic Mooresville 5K or another organized event, you are responsible for your own race registration. Once you join the team, we'll contact you with more details.  

Register for this team at any time between July 1 and August 31, and join participants on Team We've Got Your Back, Babe! all over America who are getting in gear for the love of moms and babies!

Choose any fitness goal you like...swim, bike, run, walk, golf, yoga, it alone, or grab some friends to join this team with you and do it together.  Just be sure that your goal is met on or before October 31, 2013 and that your $200 fundraising goal is met by then too!

That's it.  Once you have registered and created your personal fundraising page, we'll take care of the rest: the motivation, the swag, the cool tshirt, the celebrity cheerleading! YOU ARE MAKING HISTORY! 

A huge thank you to Leading Lady, a premiere nursing intimate apparel company that is proud to go beyond the bra to help moms to achieve their goals!  As part of their generous sponsorship, every Team WGYBB member will receive an exclusive discount from as a thank you for their support of the breastfeeding cause.  


And don't forget to visit to get inspired, prepared and empowered to meet your personal fitness challenge in the name of backing breastfeeding moms and babies!

Join us today!


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